Furnace & Energy tips that will help you save.
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Before calling for service on your furnace, please check the following items, which are NOT covered by warranty.

Furnace Checklist

  1. Is the power on? (Breaker, main switch)
  2. Is the filter clean?
  3. Are gas valves on?
  4. Is the furnace door on securely?
  5. Are the fuses and safety switches ok?
  6. Is the thermostat at the correct temperature?
  7. Is there debris in the blower cage?
  8. Are the return air grills blocked? Or covered?
  9. Turn the power off for 5 minutes, then turn back on to reset furnace?
  10. If the furnace is still not working, please feel free to call our office to request an appointment

Tips for energy savings

  1. Don’t forget to check you furnace filter monthly, replace if dirty especially in the winter months
  2. Lowering your thermostat by 2 degrees Celsius can lower your monthly heating bill by four percent
  3. Keep supply air and return air vents clear from furniture and blocking
  4. Use a programmable thermostat. Have a lower temperature programmed at night and warmer during the time that you are awake
  5. Turning your thermostat up to a very high temperature will not make you house warm any faster. Set at an appropriate temperature and it will warm at the same rate
  6. Do not heat unused rooms. If you do not use a certain room, close the heat register and close the door to the room
  7. On hot days, do not turn your air conditioner to the coldest setting. Gradually cool your home. By cooling too fast the air conditioning coil may freeze up.
  8. Make sure all the heating ducts are sealed and no air flow is leaking out
  9. If your system is over 15 years old, consider replacing

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